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Your iPhone’s best-kept secret (6 Automations)

I’ve made a couple of videos now about the Shortcuts app for the iPhone, but I realised recently that I’d only ever covered half of what the Shortcuts app can do. Because, in those videos, we talked about Shortcuts, but we didn’t talk about Automations, and we should because Automations are AMAZING when you know how to use them.

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0:00 – Intro
0:32 – What is an automation?
1:35 – Automatically send an SMS each day
4:50 – Automatically text & open list when at location
6:41 – Your iPhone can ask to be charged!
7:59 – Auto Do Not Disturb when opening apps
9:31 – Auto Guided Access when opening app
11:14 – Lock Apps to Touch or Face ID
12:17 – End




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