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How the Quantum Computer Revolution Will Change Everything with Michio Kaku & Neil deGrasse Tyson

How will quantum computing change the world? Neil deGrasse Tyson and comedian Chuck Nice learn about the development of quantum computing and what it means for humanity with theoretical physicist Michio Kaku.

What will quantum computing do beyond regular computing? Find out about the race to create the first all-purpose quantum computer and Michio’s book, Quantum Supremacy: How the Quantum Computer Revolution Will Change Everything. Discover quantum bits and how quantum computing breaks from binary. How will we use quantum computers in astrophysics? We explore disaster scenarios and how quantum computing could help us predict coronal mass ejections.

Where is quantum computing currently? We discuss brain mapping and whether quantum computers could be used as transporters. Plus, learn what it’s like to work in string theory and how Michio got his start. Would it be possible to create instant interstellar communication using quantum entanglement?

Learn how quantum entanglement works and why it would be hard to send a message faster than the speed of light. Could quantum computing solve infinity? What is spacetime foam? What forces cause the strings in string theory to vibrate? All that, plus, what comes AFTER quantum computing?

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00:00 – Introduction: Quantum Computers
01:27 – Quantum Computing vs. Classical Computing
05:34 – What Is a Qubit?
08:35 – Using Quantum Computing for Astrophysics
10:19 – Predicting Coronal Mass Ejections
15:35 – The Race to an All-Purpose Quantum Computer
19:22 – Brain Mapping & Creating a Quantum Transporter
25:00 – What Does a String Theorist Do All Day?
28:35 – Subspace Communication & Quantum Entanglement
31:18 – Testing The EPR Effect & Communicating Faster Than Light
38:10 – Could a Quantum Computer Solve Infinity?
41:44 – What Makes Quantum Strings Vibrate?
44:23 – What Comes After Quantum Computing?




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