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Video Conferencing Basic Solution for meeting room

BOSCH CCSD 1000 is use as a base for Video COnferencing Solution.

This Video was taken in Malaysia.

It Explains on How we can use Bosch CCSD 1000 with 3 Lumens Automatic camera and integration with Aten , Crestron Controller.

At the same time , you can use it with Zoom , Google meet, teams and etc.

Newline Large Panel 98 inch is added.

Depending on room size ( There are several sizes 65″ 75″86″ and 98″). and Touch monitor panel in front and on the chairman’s Table

Equipment list
Bosch CCS 1000 D microphone
Newline Large panel 98″
ATEN CONTROLLER & Matrix switcher
Lumens Camera VC50P
Capture device
Streaming Device

For More detail Kindly contact +60172348200 or +60361893213 ( Aishah )




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