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What are the challenges for smart logistics?

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Smart logistics refers to a type of logistics that is cost-effective, efficient and sustainable. “It has become evident that businesses need tools to quickly adapt to changes and to optimise their operations. For example, imputing lead times, demand forecasts, and any other variables that are relevant”, says Ilan Eskinazi (Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist at Singularly). Smart logistics come with a variety of challenges – and the first step to overcoming them is understanding what they are! In this new video, UMX travelled to Barcelona (Spain) to discover with some experts on the topic how logistics could be optimised with new technologies.

This video was shot in Autumn 2022 in collaboration with @carnetbarcelona1556. Many thanks to Ilan Eskinazi (Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist at Singularly), Laia Garriga Mas (Technology Transfer Manager at EURECAT), Xavier Banqué Casanovas (Co-founder and CEO at Rokubun), Ignasi Gomez-Belinchón (Cluster Director at In MOVE by Railgrup) and Aristarco Tomás (General Manager at Tenalach Consulting) for participating in this video!

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