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Meri Brown: I Have New Hair… And a New Life!

Meri Brown has made a significant change.

The long-time Sister Wives cast member jumped on Instagram this week in order to share a rather extreme close-up with her 843,000 followers.

The picture (below) features Meri’s face, her gorgeous blue eyes — and a new hairstyle that includes some additional color.

Check out the streaked-red bob below:


What does everyone think? Meri Brown debuted a new hairstyle in July 2023. (Instagram)

Brown, meanwhile, isn’t even trying to pretend that she made a casual decision to mix up her look.

She stated in the affiliated caption that this fresh look is tied into a fresh outlook on, well, everything.

“Spunky definition: Courageous and determined. Fiesty definition: Lively, determined and courageous,” Meri wrote along the photo.

“Just added a little red to match the definition. I definitely don’t hate it.”

Meri Brown pretty happy and relaxed in this photo of the reality star from the summer of 2023. (Instagram)

Added the mother of one:

New hair to go along with new life.

Meri didn’t elaborate; she didn’t go into any detail about this alleged new life.

But the TLC personality has been on quite the journey over the past several months… ever since she split from Kody Brown back in January.

Meri Brown shared this photo to celebrate July Fourth in the year 2023. (Instagram)

Last week, meanwhile, the reality star was first seen flaunting her updated hairstyle in photo snapped with her child Leon Brown on Instagram.

The pair reunited for a snap as they attended Gwendlyn Brown’s wedding to Beatriz Queiroz in Arizona.

“Best part of today. That is all. @leointhemountains,” Meri, who shares Leon with ex-husband Kody Brown, captioned the Instagram post.

See that double decker bus behind Meri Brown? She’s in London. (Instagram)

Brown takes most opportunities on social media to emphasize her freedom these days.

She hinted at major changes being afoot via a previous upload in July.

Living, laughing, doing, and being, wrote the star.

Living my best and fullest life with intention and purpose. Laughing with friends and feeling all the joy. Doing all the things that I’m able and capable of.

Being present, and being grateful for every single life experience that has made me who I am.

Meri Brown posted this photo to Instagram in late May 2023. (Instagram)

She added at the time:

I’ve recently been feeling a shift as I move forward through it all and toward something…. different. Details of the ‘different’ have yet to fully unveil themselves to me.

In due time I’m sure.

Until then, the me that I am right now will continue to embrace this beautiful thing called life, and will continue building and creating and serving.

There is so much to come….

Meri Brown is on a plane to London in this photo of the long-time Sister Wives star. (Instagram)

Was Meri hinting back then at just the hairstyle change?

Or is there more to come?

We’ll perhaps soon find out, as Sister Wives Season 18 is set to premiere on Sunday, August 20 at 10/9c on TLC.



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