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BEWARE THE CBDC… Central Bank Digital Currencies are TERRIFYING

The government has launched a coordinated attack on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the USA among others are trying to cripple blockchain and web 3.0… They are now launching their CBDC, central bank digital currency to control you… They own your money, they own you. Buy the best mining rig in 2023 here –

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CBDCs are terrifying, seriously, and I am not just trying to echo joe rogan… central bank digital currencies are built entirely to control you. The governments will know exactly how much money you have, where your money is, what you spend it on, where it came from, and hold the ability to instantly freeze or garnish your funds. Remember what governments have done, genocides, to just uh, name one of their common outings — people are seriously underestimated how scary CBDC are…

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 The CBDC Crisis is looming
02:15 Why CBDCs are legitimately terrifying
04:43 Government crackdown on crypto
07:25 Cryptocurrency fixes the monetary system
09:54 Protect your rights!
11:00 Digital ownership and NFTs
12:35 CBDC Conspiracy theory?

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