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Cloud Security for Dummies

Let’s take a moment to break down a few things at a basic level:
– What is the cloud?
– How does it work?
– How do you begin to secure it?

This webcast is for you if:
– You are in need of understanding cloud security terminology and basics in order to be successful in your job. This may include: C Suite, Board members, sales, marketing

– You are just starting out in cloud. This may include: new college grads or career changers

– You are a traditional cybersecurity professional with more of your duties shifting to the cloud

– You simply want to have a better understanding of what the cloud is and how cloud security works

About the Speaker:
Serge Borso
When it comes to cyber security, Serge is among the best possible instructors to learn from due to his experience, accomplishments, and, quite frankly, his personality. Duplicate badges to walk right through security and access a “secure” facility – did that. Dumpster diving for sensitive information outside of a financial institution – to him, that was “lots of fun.” Create an enterprise-wide, measurably successful security program for a billion-dollar company – one of his many accomplishments. All of them, in scope of the engagements. He’s an instructor for SEC488: Cloud Security Essentials and author for the upcoming SEC388: Introduction to Cloud Computing & Security, a published author, President of the Denver Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) chapter, founder and CEO of the cyber security consulting firm, SpyderSec, he’s discovered multiple 0-days, written OSINT tools for the community, and is a polished presenter who speaks regularly at national conferences. Truly, an expert in the field. Learn more about Serge at

SEC388: Introduction to Cloud Computing and Security | 3 days | 12 Hands-On Labs | 18 CPEs
Today’s world of cyber security moves quickly. Cloud security moves even faster, so getting started or moving into a career in this field can be intimidating if you do not have the foundation to be successful. SANS SEC388 solves this problem by helping you to learn the foundational elements of modern cloud computing and security. This course kicks off your journey to becoming a SANS Cloud Ace by taking an introductory yet critical look at cloud security. This course focuses on Azure and AWS, and shows you how to interact with each cloud provider by familiarizing you with common terminology, cloud services, security concerns, and solutions to cloud-based security shortcomings. Through hands-on labs, SEC388 puts you in real-world scenarios that challenge you to learn more about AWS, Azure, and relevant cloud computing and security concepts.

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