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Sister Wives: Kody Cries but Robyn’s Junk Steals Scene

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown likely finds her ears ringing today, more so than Kody Brown, as fans can’t stop creating jokes about what they spotted in her house during a new interview. The scene focuses on Kody, as he spews off about how he tried to make things work.

But the fans seem to focus less on Papa Brown and more on what his youngest wife uses for decor. It appears she has stuffed a cabinet full of her treasures that sit behind Kody while he lays his excuses for the fans. This scene could solve the mystery as to why the TLC cameras don’t film inside Kody’s youngest bride’s house.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Decor More Interesting Than Kody Brown?

If a picture is worth a thousand words then what the camera captured inside Robyn Brown’s house could spawn a book. The comments coming from the Sister Wives fans start to look like they’re writing a joke book.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Robyn Brown – Kody Brown | TLC

All the hoopla stems from a new Interview with People Magazine this week. So, while Kody talked, the camera from inside Robyn’s house stayed fixed on the Sister Wives patriarch. But that’s not where many of the fans had their focus.

Kody just so happened to plunk himself in front of a curio cabinet for this occasion. This allowed the fans to have a field day with what Robyn Brown put on display inside the cabinet with glass-panel doors.

Mystery Solved at Robyn’s House?

One of the latest topics for Sister Wives fans online is the mystery of the cameras not filming from inside Robyn Brown’s home. The TLC cameras captured plenty of scenes from outside the house that Robyn shares with Kody, like the photo above.

So, the lens seldom ventures inside, but this is nothing new. Fans discuss how the lack of filming inside Robyn’s house dates back to her days in Vegas as well.

But it remained a mystery as to why the house where Robyn dwells seems off-limits to the TLC cameras. That is until now. Or at least some fans think this offers a hint as to why filming seems taboo in the Sister Wives home where Robyn Brown lives. They now think it’s because there’s just too much stuff.

Sister Wives: What Is the Laughing All About… The Aftermath of Her Online Store?

As Kody Brown pours out his guts to the camera, we don’t learn anything new. But instead, it seems the focus for many fans shifts to his surroundings. In particular, the over-stuffed curio cabinet behind him.

Some fans quip that it’s easy to see where the remnants of Robyn’s now-defunct online store ended up. The number of figurines that this cabinet holds has some folks asking if maybe there’s a secret side to Robyn. Maybe she’s a hoarder?

The interview is exclusive, so it’s not available for other sites to share. But you can take a look at the clip here and be sure to hone in on what’s behind Kody Brown as he speaks.

Several of the Sister Wives fans picked up on a doll sitting over Kody’s shoulder. The eerie look of the doll sparked some horror film comparisons. So as Kody Brown spurts forth his thoughts on how all his troubles started, fans pick apart the unsettling decor at Robyn Brown’s house.

The video above is the latest preview to drop from the new season, which debuts tomorrow. Sister Wives Season 18 rolls out Sunday, August 20, at 10 pm. on TLC.

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