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The Story Behind The Star Trek Franchise’s Most Controversial Theme Song

I didn’t mention Rod Stewart above by accident. “Where Will Heart Will Take Me” actually began its life as a 1998 Stewart song called “Faith of the Heart,” written by serially Oscar-nominated songwriter Dianne Warren. It was initially penned for Tom Shadyac’s execrable, treacle-smeared Hollywood biopic “Patch Adams,” and the song’s ultra-sentimental tone perfectly matches the corniness of the movie itself. “Faith of the Heart” hit #20 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts, and peaked at #4 in Canada. A 1999 cover by Christian/Country artist Susan Ashton made it as far as #51 on the Hot Country Songs chart. 

Russell Watson began his singing career as a mere lad and began winning radio singing contests in his 20s. In 1999, he sang “God Save the Queen” at the rugby Challenge Cup Final at Wembley Stadium, and England really took notice. Two years later, Watson released his first album, “The Voice” (not related to the TV game show of the same name) and it was a massive success; “The Voice” is the first album to hold the #1 spot on both the U.S. and U.K. classical charts at the same time. Watson, lacking in the “stuffy” pretensions of modern opera and willing to sing pop songs, gained the nickname of “The People’s Tenor.” He was also called, rather theatrically, “The Voice,” after that first album. In short, he was hot s*** in 2001.

Brannon Braga and Rick Berman, the creators of “Star Trek: Enterprise,” likely knew all about Watson and his cresting popularity. The two wanted a pop song — mostly at Berman’s insistence — but, as it turns out, not that pop song. Braga remembers what he wanted to use, and how awful he thought “Where My Heart Will Take Me” was.



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