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Talk To Me Prequel Clips Were Released Online But Removed For ‘Violence And Bullying’

The “Talk To Me” prequel clips are an unfortunate victim of necessary online content moderation. While it’s understandable that social media platforms would remove anonymously uploaded videos that appear to show acts of violence, bullying, or self-harm (all of which play a role in the movie), it does make it tricky to create truly viral promotion. “Talk To Me” is set to release on Blu-ray, 4K, and Digital on October 3, 2023, so it’s possible that the clips will be includes in the extras — though having to navigate a Blu-ray menu to watch a video supposedly posted to social media might kill the verisimilitude.

“Talk To Me” has already grossed more than $56 million worldwide against a production budget of $4.5 million, and is poised to overtake “Hereditary” as A24’s highest-grossing horror movie at the domestic box office. The studio has already announced a sequel, which will apparently follow the “Happy Death Day 2U” approach to sequel titling with the moniker “Talk 2 Me.” However, this follow-up might not have the tight turnaround that the “Happy Death Day” sequel did.

“We don’t even have a proper script yet,” said Danny Philippou. In fact, at this point, they don’t know whether the sequel will stick with the first movie’s characters or follow the creepy hand to a new group of unfortunate ghost-fanciers. The brothers have a finished script for a movie called “Bring Her Back,” which they “really want to try and make as well,” and from a horror fan perspective, another fresh slice of original horror sounds more appealing than a cash-in sequel.



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