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Ahsoka Episode Three Recap & Review

Ahsoka Episode Three Recap: 7 / 10 : With the groundwork being laid out in its premiere episodes, Ahsoka episode three ‘Time To Fly’ takes one for the team to set up (hopefully) an exciting next episode. The runtime is around 34 minutes, making it the shortest episode yet- it takes characters Aksoka, Sabine Wren, and Huyang from point A to point B and that’s about it. It does use much of the length to its advantage and gives a great aerial action sequence that audiences can hold onto.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

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The Adventure Continues

We open from the last episode on Ahsoka’s ship, traveling in hyperspace. Sabine is training with Huyang, who’s not impressed, it’s been a while. Huyang continues to be brutally honest with Sabine, calling her results “not bad, but not good”. Ahsoka is at least pleased she remembers the necessity and begins to train Sabine herself.


Ahsoka hands her a mask and urges her to “see with more than just eyes, feel my presence, sense my intention.” With that, Ahsoka uses a wooden stick to test Sabine’s senses. At first, Sabine is uncoordinated, then she gets the hang of it, then frustration brings her intensity. Ahsoka swipes her feet, and she falls to the ground. “Anger and frustration are quick to give power, but they also imbalance us”. Wise words for generations of Star Wars fans. The scene ends with Ahsoka impressed nonetheless and the two continue the drills.

Hera Seeks Assistance

Hera Ahsoka - Star Wars

After Corellia, Hera has a meeting for the approval of a mission to the Denab system. She speaks with Chancellor Mon Mothma and a few senators. Hera expresses her concerns for imperial loyalists, but the senators don’t feel the same way. One argues very few exist and all are very loyal to their cause. Hera responds with “Long live the Empire doesn’t sound like the kind of loyalty we’re looking for”.

Mon Mothma is the only one who seems supportive and in agreement, but she must speak with her senators for further evaluation. Hera leaves the room, and Rebels fans are given a nice surprise when her son, Jacen makes an appearance. He expresses his excitement about “Aunt Sabine” becoming a Jedi and adds he wants to be one too.

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An Unknown Signature

Ahsoka gives a quick pep talk about the force to Sabine (you know the one). Sabine tries to practice while Ahsoka goes to check on their destination. They approach the Denab system and Huyang picks up an unknown signature. Just then, they’re surrounded and attacked by Shin, Marrok, and other pilots. As they get close to the signature, Huyang confirms it is some sort of hyperspace ring, its power not yet

The action sequence picks up from here, the shows high production values stand out. Ahsoka exits the ship to distract them while Sabine tries to destroy them on the inside. It works, as Ahsoka gets inside, they go into the planet (with the help of space whales to occupy Shin and Marrok). Ahsoka and Sabine land and hide in a forest, shutting down everything (including Huyang) to remain undetected, or so they think…

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Baylon Skoll is in the vicinity with his own army, “The Jedi have taken refuge in the forest, hunt them down”.

The Verdict – Ahsoka Episode Three Recap

Ahsoka Episode 3 Recap

Ahsoka’s third episode is the shortest yet, with not much going on. But it does set up a potential action-packed fourth episode, so it did what it had to do.

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