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Sister Wives: Kody Leaks Spoiler Over Ex Finding New Lover?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown comes off as a tough guy when he talks about his wives leaving, but when he walks away, this TLC celebrity looks like he’s hurting. Today, it appears that Christine Brown’s engagement could cause him some pain after all.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Lacks Teflon Coating

Kody Brown did his little dance at Janelle Brown‘s house this week. He was fresh off the heartache of losing Christine Brown when Janelle kicked him out as well.

The Sister Wives learned on Sunday’s episode that Kody thought Christine was bluffing in the beginning. But he found out too late that she wasn’t. This came from his “whining” to his friends and brother during the gathering of Kody’s guy pals.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

But did he learn from that? Fans say it doesn’t look like he did. Kody played the same game with Janelle Brown this week on Sister Wives. But once he was done at Janelle’s house, Kody came home with his head hanging low.

So, fans say it’s obvious he’s hurting over Janelle as well, at this point in the season. He referred to his second wife as the Teflon Queen and this is something that got back to her. But in this case, fans think he could use a little Teflon coating himself.

More Than One Way to Ask for Divorce

Despite looking like a man surrounded by doom and gloom, Kody doesn’t back down. Janelle explained that to save face he won’t admit he’s wrong. Instead, he thinks he leaves his wives soaking in his awful words upon departing. But when the Sister Wives camera catches him alone, well, he looks like a guy in despair.

On Sunday night’s Sister Wives episode, Janelle suggested that there is more than one way to end a marriage. Instead of Kody initiating it, he works on his wives until they are left with no option but to make the move to leave him.

Janelle accused him of doing the same thing to Meri Brown and Christine. Now he is doing it to her. She said that he pushed them out of their marriages.

Sister Wives: Kody Jealous Over Christine Brown’s New Guy?

Another thing that the Sister Wives patriarch made clear is that he’s likely going to feel some jealousy if Christine finds a new man. Well, she did, and while the Sister Wives season isn’t that far along yet, he seemed to offer a spoiler without even knowing it.

Maybe he didn’t think Christine Brown would find another man. Not only has she found one, but she’s also planning on marrying David Woolley soon. That could explain the photos of Kody posted from Gwendlyn Brown‘s wedding.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Wedding Photos
Sister Wives | Instagram

He sat way off in a corner with Robyn Brown looking rather grim. Reports from her wedding don’t have him mingling too much with the crowd. Plus all the wedding pictures released have Christine with the bride and standing where Kody, as the father of the bride should stand, is David Wooley.

Kody Brown’s First Love – His Reality Series?

Kody is replaced and from what he said during his guy time this week on Sister Wives, he wondered if he’d become jealous. He couldn’t come out with a solid “no” when asked if he thought jealousy would seep in.

After what he said this week on the show, it sure looks like Kody felt a tinge of jealousy when his wife of three decades found someone else. It looks like we get at least a glimpse of Christine’s new guy on this season of Sister Wives. One of her posts shows the camera crew at her house while David is there.

So, scooping up your ex is one thing, but how will Kody feel if he needs to share the screen with Christine Brown’s future husband? Many fans think his first love is the Sister Wives show because of the money it brings in.

So, Kody Brown sharing something so coveted as his reality show with another man could really spark some jealousy. Fans bet sharing the TLC screen with another guy creates a green-eyed monster more than Christine finding someone new.

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