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Heather McDonald Shades Jeff Lewis After He Blocked Her On IG!

Comedienne Heather McDonald has thrown some major shade at radio show host Jeff Lewis days after the designer revealed he had blocked her on Instagram for her actions towards him during a paid episode of her podcast on Patreon.

This comes after McDonald’s public falling out with her friend, Justin Martindale, who recently revealed on his podcast that the former “Chelsea Lately” writer had refused Lewis from allowing him to appear on “Jeff Lewis Live.”

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Heather McDonald Says She’s ‘Never Heard Of’ Jeff Lewis

Instagram | Heather McDonald

McDonald and Lewis’ relationship might be totally over after the comedienne dissed the designer while on a night out with her pals at Criag’s in Weho.

In a TikTok clip shared online, McDonald could be seen outside the restaurant where she was surrounded by the paparazzi who asked for comments on Lewis and his recent remarks about her and a recurring guest on her “Juicy Scoop” podcast, Justin Martindale.

“Do you have any response to this Jeff Lewis thing,” a paparazzo asked McDonald, to which she replied, “Who?… Oh, I have never heard of him.”

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Going along with McDonald’s claim of not knowing Lewis, the reporter proceeded to describe the interior designer to her, but she only doubled down, saying, “No, I dunno.”

Clearly, McDonald’s response to the paparazzo in the video clip was meant as shade to Lewis, who recently slammed her for liking negative comments about him on her Patreon, tagging her a “bully.”

Lewis had called out McDonald on his radio show for dragging him into the drama involving her and Martindale after she subtly denied Martindale’s allegations that she never approved of him to appear on “Jeff Lewis Live.”

How Jeff Lewis And Heather McDonald’s Fallout Began

Heather McDonald Shades Jeff Lewis After He BLOCKED Her On Instagram Amid Justin Martindale Drama
Instagram | Jeff Lewis

McDonald and Lewis’ fallout could be traced back to March when she revealed that she would no longer appear on “Jeff Lewis Live” due to a fight she had with one of his radio show guests, Megan Weaver, at Kelly Dodd’s party, per The Blast.

McDonald claimed that Weaver had told her “the most cruel things that anyone has ever said to” her and, for this reason, was distancing herself from “Jeff Lewis Live.”

But despite her statement that she would no longer appear on the popular radio show, McDonald returned and had an almost one-hour sit down with Lewis, where they seemed to be okay with each other. In August, the pair also appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show, “Watch What Happens Live,” and things looked fine between them.

But according to YouTuber Dana Bowling, things took a turn when McDonald subsequently released a Patreon where she talked about “Bully Behavior” and likened Lewis to her former boss, Chelsea Handler, and this didn’t sit well with the interior designer at the time who felt they had no issues between them.

The situation only worsened after Justin Martindale shared his side of the story, revealing his conversation with Lewis, which McDonald subtly denied ever happened.

Justin Martindale Says Heather McDonald Stopped Him From Going On ‘JLL’ 

Heather McDonald Shades Jeff Lewis After He BLOCKED Her On Instagram Amid Justin Martindale Drama
Instagram | Heather McDonald

After McDonald’s Patreon, where she allegedly talked about “bully behavior” and Lewis, Martindale opened up about a conversation he had with the radio show host that added to the already sour state of his relationship with the “Juicy Scoop” podcaster.

According to Martindale on his podcast, “JUST SAYIN with Justin Martindale,” he ran into Lewis at the Bourbon room, where the designer revealed that he wanted to have him on his radio show but couldn’t because he had “to have Heather’s approval. Heather won’t let you be on ‘JLL.’”

Per YouTuber Dana Bowling, McDonald subtly denied this claim, saying she’s not an “exclusive” person and allows her guests to go on other shows.

When Lewis learned of McDonald’s statements regarding his conversation with Martindale, he took to his radio show to call her out. Lewis said he needs to speak up for himself when someone is lying about him and stated that the interaction with Martindale happened.

Jeff Lewis Blocks Heather McDonald On Instagram

On his recent radio show on Friday, Lewis further slammed McDonald, calling her out on her behavior and making it clear that he and the comedienne were no longer friends.

Lewis stated, “It is unfortunate to announce that Heather McDonald and I are no longer friends.” He shared that he was “working towards preserving” their relationship as they’ve known each other since they were in college. But, her recent Patreon, where she compared him to Chelsea Handler and spoke “negatively” about him, made him end their friendship.

He called McDonald a “bully,” said she “plays victim” and “also changes the narrative.”

Lewis further revealed several instances during McDonald’s paid podcast where she agreed with her subscribers’ negative comments about him by “liking” them and even writing “I agree” to a statement advising her to distance herself from Lewis.

The interior designer also revealed that he had unfollowed and blocked McDonald on Instagram.



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