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Digital Marketing Course – Introduction to digital marketing (Video 1)

This series of Digital marketing course was started after a lot of demand for basic digital marketing course. It serves as a full Digital Marketing and Performance Marketing course with focus on Google Ads

This is the first video of the series and we will focus on:
1. Introduction to Digital marketing/performance marketing
2. Offline vs Online Marketing
3. Benefits of Digital marketing
4. Why do companies invest in Digital marketing
5. What are the common objectives of digital marketing

Quiz 1:

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This is a complete digital marketing course for beginners.I have created this course to provide strong fundamental knowledge regarding Digital marketing and performance marketing.
The perfect curriculum to get you started with everything you need – theoritical concepts, fundamental knowledge, step-step tools guide like Google Ads and interview preparation like case study creation

Apart from concepts across industry, this course also includes complete in-depth course on Google Ads and introduction to 20+ tools

This is a perfect starting point for someone who is getting started or feels there is noise and their knowledge is sitting in silos and not able to have a holistic view. After this course, you will be confident about almost every concept within Digital marketing, whether it is technical, theoritical or related to the day to day operations

What is this course?
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Google Ads from scratch to advanced level
Foundational course to make a strong base

Who is it for?
Absolute beginner in the field of Digital Marketing and Performance Marketing
Anyone who wants to learn Digital Marketing to make a career or grow their own business
Preparation for an interview for Digital Marketing roles
What should I expect from this course?
Know how of all aspects of Digital marketing in the current world
Get familiar with Digital Marketing industry
Be ready to to dive into a specific Digital Marketing module
What can I do after this course?
Become an expert in one of the modules of DM or Performance Marketing

What does this course contain?
15+ modules or sections to make this fun and easy (Including Google Ads complete course)
Equivalent to a diploma if not better
Some modules contain quizzes with links in description
Important resources that you’ll need forever
Course Structure

How do I use this course effectively?
Attempt the quizzes
Make notes
Presentation will be available to buy on the store




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