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Sister Wives: Kody’s Crepe Cuteness Doesn’t Work – Fans Want Him Gone

Sister Wives fans sat with jaws dropped while their stomachs turned while watching Kody Brown‘s behavior on Sunday night’s episode of the TLC show. In this episode, he has a few scenes where he looks awful smitten with himself and his crêpe making. But fans say in the same episode, he also belittles his wives and kids.

Viewers made it very clear across social media that they don’t care about how he eats his crêpes. They don’t need to see this or want to see this. What they do care about is that he’s still on this show, and they want him gone.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Went Too Far

Fans suggest that Kody Brown’s finger seems more crooked from all the pointing when it comes to assigning blame. His latest assignment of blame goes to Janelle Brown‘s kids.

He calls the children that he has with his second wife the “source of my pain” and fans found this as a new low for the Sister Wives patriarch.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Kody Brown | TLC

Most of all, the fans’ hearts went to Janelle’s youngest, Savanah Brown. She’s never said a thing to her father or about her father. Savanah is Janelle and Kody’s youngest daughter, and Kody hasn’t contacted her.

Kody’s Crêpes Did It for Many Fans

Sister Wives fans want Kody Brown to know he wasn’t cute on Sunday night’s show. He wasn’t even close to entertaining as well, for some fans. One of the things that irked the Sister Wives viewers is him taking over a scene to make and then eat his crêpes.

Fans just got through watching this man belittle his wives and children and then like a light switch, he turns into a silly Kody Brown. But instead, the show’s fans saw him as rather shallow.

He made his intentions clear that he was going to make this holiday special for his loyal wife and kids. So, the Sister Wives fans saw this as Kody disregarding all his other children except for the ones he shares with Robyn.

He also made it clear that Meri Brown crimped his style a bit. He had to stuff his “romantic tensions” for Robyn because Meri was there. Then Robyn Brown made it even worse for fans.

She came out to say that they keep themselves in check when Meri is around. She does this out of love and respect for Meri. Fans didn’t buy this either.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Forgets About Them All?

Robyn Brown can’t sit in the center of the fence anymore. Fans say they see right through her. She says she is stuck in the middle. And, according to her, all that she wants is for her polygamous family to get back to the way it was. But at the same time, she needs to be sympathetic to Kody’s needs as he’s carrying a heavy and painful load.

Robyn suggests that the load he carries comes from his two wives jumping ship, leaving him to grieve for what they once had. But to the Sister Wives viewers, it looks more like Robyn Brown’s concern is with herself and her kids.

His youngest wife said she’s worried about Kody leaving her but Sister Wives fans bet the farm that will never happen. They also don’t believe that Robyn believes he will ever dump her.

Fans See Through Both Robyn & Kody

So, the more she implied that her sympathy is aimed at her husband, the more fans say they see right through her. It seems fans watched enough of both Robyn and Kody Brown. That scene where they used his crêpe distraction to show he’s still that fun-loving guy seemed to tick fans off.

Sister Wives fans also suggest Robyn’s sadness is just a smoke and mirror distraction. They say that it falls into the same category as her husband attempting to act cute over crêpes.

So, Kody Brown continues to talk, about the betrayals he endures from his other wives. Then Robyn goes on about being slighted with no sister wives left for her for comfort in her old age. The more these two share their views with the fans, the audience get fed up with both of them. Many want them gone.

There’s no shortage of requests and demands from the viewers for TLC to dump these two from the show like the one in the tweet above.

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