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PCB Recycling Plant | How to Start an E-waste Recycling Business

E waste management companies can broadly be divided into three categories:
1. Collection centers: They simply collect the e waste on behalf of a recycler/ electronic product manufacturer or dismantler.
2. Dismantling companies: They dismantle the waste, and reduce the size of e waste by shredding the waste or granulating the waste
3. Recycling plants: Recover metal from dismantled electronic waste such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) , this is limited to iron/copper etc, most recyclers do not recover precious metals.

If you want to start and an E-waste recycling business, you can start from the PCB recycling, which means you can buy waste PCBs from dismantling companies or scrap yard, and then recover metals by crushing and separating process. For details, please contact us at
Email: helenzhang.suny@gmail.com
Whatsapp: +86 130 1768 7303

0:00 Introduction
0:04 Waste PCB Recycling Plant
0:15 The purpose is to separate metal and non-metals
0:44 Metal particles (mainly copper)
1:20 Non-metal particles (plastic resin)




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