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Growth of Wearable Technology in Healthcare

This video describes the growing use of Wearable technology in Healthcare. It describes how wearable technology is used today and what the future looks like for wearable technology in healthcare.

The healthcare and wellness industry is shifting toward regulated, personalized, and monitored healthcare. In a short period, mobile devices have skyrocketed in use. With these advancements, wearable devices such as – well-being tools, health monitors, fitness devices, and disease prevention devices are becoming more vital in the healthcare field.

—– What is Wearable Technology? —–

First, let’s understand the meaning of wearable technology. As the name implies, wearable technology includes the gadgets and devices we can wear as accessories, or a few times, as implants. These devices can take different forms, including jewelry, accessories, medical devices, watches, earbuds, bands, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology, t-shirts, smart jackets, etc. These devices can even send users’ health details to a healthcare professional in real-time.

—- How is Wearable Technology used in Healthcare Nowadays? —-

– Tracking Health Status
– Therapeutic Treatment
– Health and Activity Tracking
– Other Uses

Wearables can also help in the diagnosis, screening, and monitoring of psychological disorders like depression. It also improves patient management efficiency in hospitals. In addition, wireless transmission in wearable systems allows researchers to develop new types of point-of-care diagnostic tools.

—- Top 5 Wearable Devices in Healthcare —-

– Wearable Fitness Trackers
– Smart Health Watches
– Wearable ECG Monitors
– Wearable Blood Pressure Monitors
– Wearable biosensors

—- What are some Popular Wearable Health Apps? —-

Users of wearable devices can browse their newfound data through a health app. Here are some popular Health Apps:

– Google FiT
– Apple Health App
– Samsung Health

—– Integration of Data from Wearable Devices with EHR (Electronic Health Records) —-

Several patients are increasingly using wearable devices to help them collect essential data and better manage their health. The collection of that data is not enough. The transmission of data to a health care provider’s EHR is critical if the information is effectively incorporated into the patient care management process. Healthcare providers should establish a connection between their EHRs and patients’ wearable devices to record their health progress. The interface between EHR and wearables is beneficial for both; patients with ongoing primary care and chronic care.

—— Future of Wearables in Healthcare —–

Using wearable devices for everyday needs is becoming an overall trend worldwide. According to a study, there will be a significant transformation in the future of wearable wellness and connected devices landscape over the next five years.

Here are some key points:

– Implantable medical devices are one of the major growth areas for wearable healthcare devices.
– Opportunities for advanced data analytics will grow significantly.
– Concern about privacy and data security will grow, leading to the growth of opportunities for improvement in this area.
– Healthcare institutions will see a significant increase in efficiency from remote data collection.
– With the Internet of Things and Wearable devices, healthcare can become more context-based and automatic.

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