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This goofy fridge has a really clever design. It’s also kinda terrible.

Seriously. Sometimes it’s not worth having so much information.

Here’s that video I mentioned of Big Clive’s:

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00:00 Intro / A Story
02:01 The basics of a fridge
05:32 Auto-defrost and the complexity of modern refrigerators
07:53 The little red fridge is cleverly simple
13:29 It’s not perfect, though
16:53 But… how bad is it?
19:42 Test 1: How quickly can it cool things down?
24:58 Some unexpected weirdness
28:59 Test 2: How uniform are the temperatures inside?
32:18 Attempts to make it better with fans
39:44 Figuring out the thermostat and its weirdness
47:06 Replacing the thermostat with something better
50:19 A note on compressors, the oil in them, and upright operation
52:47 A repeat of Test 1 and improved results
59:58 Why I was bothering with all this
1:02:31 Bloops




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