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Kate Beckinsale’s Dress Is Bold And Beautiful At Max Mara And Sliving Events

If you wanna see her serving lewks, look no further than Kate Beckinsale’s dress. The British bombshell is back at it again, this time treating fans to 2 glamorous, stylish and incredibly sexy outfits much to fans’ delight. Kate Beckinsale, who gained popularity for her roles in various films like Underworld, Serendipity, and Van Helsing was prominent for playing characters with a sense of chic style and sex appeal.

The bodacious beauty’s trend continues here as is evident by Kate Beckinsale’s dress for both events. She rocks some brand-new ‘fits that are a treat for the eyes.

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Kate Beckinsale’s Dress Stuns the Max Mara Face of the Future awards

Kate Beckinsale’s dress was definitely attention-grabbing as she brought her A-game to the 2023 WIF Honours cocktail party, held in honor of actor Yara Shahidi. Shahidi was the 18th recipient of the Face of the Future award, which is an honor bestowed upon an actor for a turning point in their career in both movies and TV.

For the event, Kate Beckinsale’s dress consisted of an amazing black blazer. The 50-year-old actor brought out her inner Selene as she paired it with a leather playsuit, also thematically black. Underneath, she adorned herself with a white shirt adding that contrast to the outfit. Beckinsale strapped on a pair of black boots, accentuating her ‘fit even further. Last but not least, she really put a ‘bow’ on the entire look with a bow-styled headband. Kate Beckinsale’s dress was outstanding, to say the least.

Kate Beckinsale See-Through Dress Bares (Almost) All at Paris Hilton’s ‘Sliving’ Party

Kate Beckinsale is nothing if not daring. Kate Beckinsale’s see-through dress is even more so. Keeping up with traditions of wearing see-through dresses complete with visible underwear continues here with her latest look.

Going braless, the actor left little to the imagination as she adorned herself in a beautiful and transparent gown showing off her incredibly toned and fit physique. Kate Beckinsale’s dress also had beautiful embellishments of silver that added a sophisticated, creative, and super chic feel to her sizzling hot outfit. Adding to this indescribably beautiful look, Kate Beckinsale’s dress was paired off with lilac underwear, the same as the backdrop of her photoshoot, which left fans speechless. Beckinsale was not alone in the shoot, though as she posed for pictures with her pet cat Willow, and a stuffed toy version of her cat in her hand.

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Kate is the queen of captions, and she continues this trend for her post highlighting the event and her photoshoot by saying “When @parishilton says “dress festive” for her #Slivmas party (to celebrate the release of Paris in Love Season 2 Now streaming on Peacock) you must obey. 💕Queen of pink rules💕 (I especially like that in the first picture, the cat, the handbag and I have all achieved the same expression)”

Kate Beckinsale’s Dress is Proof of her love of Fashion

Kate Beckinsale's See-Through Dress
Photo by Rony Alwin

When Kate Beckinsale leaves home, she makes sure to arrive in style. She has a deep love for latex among other stylish looks.

At 50, Kate Beckinsale is still without a doubt one of the most stunning, beautiful, and sexy ladies in Hollywood, a status she has enjoyed for decades including her tenure as the sexy vampire Selene in Underworld as well as being honored as Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive back in 2009. Since then, Beckinsale has been working hard to keep that image and moniker, more than earning it with consistent workouts and a good diet.

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