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What Can a Tiny Augmented Reality Computer Do?

Finally, anyone can use AR! Check it out:

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This Is The World’s First Augmented Reality Computer. But Why Is It So Small?

So at first, you’re probably thinking: where is the screen? Well, welcome to the future. Let me show you how it works.

So the first step is to wirelessly connect this to any old phone or gaming device. It doesn’t really which because inside this is 4 hours of battery life, and only takes half an hour to charge to 50%.

Next, I just have to connect them to my smart glasses. Now I have a display that I can fix in space, have follow me around, or stick in the corner like a health bar.

I control the whole thing from this device. The Xreal Beam is like the brains or computer of the Xreal Air. If you want one,

you can try snag a pre-order. Because





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