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The Privacy & Security Changes You MUST Make in 2023!

Strong passwords, 2FA and simple “don’t click on email links” strategies aren’t enough anymore. All the changes in online security and the threats we face require a different approach. Here’s what you need to know to win the security game in 2023. Get 20% off DeleteMe using code “ATS” at checkout:

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Here are links to the other tutorials mentioned in this video:
✅ What is the “One Security Habit”?
✅ How to Use Email Aliases:
✅ How to use Burner Phone Numbers:
✅ How to use Virtual Addresses:

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We’ve got a lot of great privacy- and security-related content here on the All Things Secured YouTube channel (although we admit we’re a bit biased). If you’re wanting to increase your online cybersecurity, here’s what’s next:

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Video Timestamps
0:00 – Online Security is Changing
1:09 – The BIGGEST Mistake
2:11 – Strong passwords + masked data
3:36 – 2-factor authentication + sandboxing
5:15 – Social media privacy + scrubbing online data
6:20 – I recommend DeleteMe (sponsored message)
7:10 – Phishing protection + family/friends protection
9:01 – Key takeaways

Hacks, data breaches and compromised privacy are becoming more and more common, so what can you do in the midst of all these changes to win with your online security? Here are four foundational security strategies that most of us already use and the important modifications you need to make.

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