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5 best robocall blocker apps for Android

RoboKiller attempts to block robocalls automatically. Most of the others on the list have had a manual element, but this one does not. It’s also solely a robocall blocker app without a ton of extra features. The filter here is actually very aggressive. It blocked almost all of the spam I received, however, that wasn’t all — it also blocked some calls from places and people I didn’t want it to block. It even sent a call from someone on my contacts list to the spam folder once. You can turn it off, but there’s a timer that turns it back on. It’s also very expensive. I would only recommend this if you don’t mind the extra aggressive tactics and the higher-than-average price tag. It works and it’s good, but if you don’t mind the manual approach, you can get a similar effect for much less money.

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Stop Call Me

Price: Free / $1.00 per month / $4.50 per year

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