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AEW All Out 2021: Results, live updates and match ratings



After seven long years, it’s finally, actually clobberin’ time. CM Punk will face Darby Allin at All Out, his first pro wrestling match in seven years. It’s all happened so fast: Punk made his AEW debut on the Aug. 20 edition of Rampage, and three weeks later he’s headlining a pay-per-view.

And it’s looking like it’ll be AEW’s biggest pay-per-view ever. Other than Punk’s return, Kenny Omega will defend his AEW Championship against Christian cage, and The Young Bucks defend their tag titles in a cage match against The Lucha Brothers. Both have the potential to be classics. Miro will put his TNT Championship on the line against Eddie Kingston — and Chris Jericho is putting his career on the line to get another shot at MJF.

The main show starts at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET. Check back to this page then, as I’ll be updating with results and analysis.

Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Brothers

The cage match for the AEW Tag Team Championships is up next. This has been hyped as a match-of-the-year candidate, so the anticpation is incredibly high. The crowd is as loud as it’s been all night as the cage match starts, and that’s saying a lot because this has been a loud crowd.

Britt Baker retains AEW Women’s Championship

This was a tough match for Kris Statlander. She’s the babyface, but Britt Baker, despite being a heel, is one of the most popular stars in the company. Regardless, these women had a very good 12-minute match.

After Statlander cut down Baker with a scissor kick, the match got the second “This is awesome!” chant of the night. On the outside, Statlander tried a pendulum moonsault onto Baker, but missed and splat on the mat. Statlander then ate a curbstomp from Baker. In a spot that the crowd loved, Statlander was almost counted out before Orange Cassidy got extremely animated in willing her to get back inside. 

After an exchange, Baker hit Statlander with a Panama Sunrise — the signature move of Adam Cole, who’s expected to debut in AEW soon — for a two count, then, after another curb stomp, made Statlander submit to the Lockjaw.

Rating: 3.75 stars. The bout was solid though, like the previous one, lacked psychology. Still, the action was mostly sharp and benefitted immensely from the hot crowd.

Jon Moxley beats Satoshi Kojima

The Forbidden Door opened up for this one. New Japan Pro Wrestling legend Satoshia Kojima took on Jon Moxley in a surprisingly good match, won by Moxley with two Paradigm Shift DDTs. Satoshi is 50 years old, but absolutely doesn’t wreste like it. They had a hard hitting match, and didn’t appear to go light at all in deference to Satoshi’s age. The crowd was also behind Satoshi, with duelling chants throughout. 

There was little story to the bout, just a lot of solid back and forth action. It was a nice progression of the Forbidden Door storyline — of New Japan Pro Wrestling stars filtering in through AEW. But it was quickly overshadowed by the post-match angle.

After the match, Mox was confronted by Minoru Sukuzi another New Japan legend and one of that company’s most popular stars. The crowd loses its mind — Suzuki really is a big deal — and chants “Holy shit!” as Mox and Suzuki meet in the ring. Suzuki and Moxley exchange forearms, which was way more awesome then it sounds, before Suzuki puts him in a sleeper hold and then nails his finish, the Gotch Piledriver. 

Rating: 3.5 stars. Plus one million stars for Suzuki’s AEW debut.

Miro defeats Eddie Kingston

The TNT Championship kicked off the main show, proving to be a strong opener for All Out. Miro would ultimately retain his TNT Championship after hitting Kingston with a low blow and then a fierce high kick. Unsurprisingly, the crowd absolutely loved Eddie Kingston. They badly wanted him to win.

These guys beat the hell out of each other. Kingston early on took a wicked bump when he dived onto Miro off the apron, only for Miro to catch and slam him on the outside. Later, both men got into a strike exchange in the middle of the ring, and Kingston’s chops left a bloody splotch on Miro’s chest. Snug all ’round.

We also got some very strong false finishes, with Miro getting Kingston in his Camel Clutch before Kingston dramatically made it to the ropes. Amid a flurry of action, Kingston inadvertently pulled the turnbuckle’s top padding off. That came into play when Kingston hit his spinning back fist and DDT, which laid Miro out but didn’t get the 3-count because the ref was busy affixing the padding back on the turnbuckle.

The finish then came when Kingston whipped Miro into the corner with the exposed turnbuckle (whcih the ref failed to patch up). The ref got in the way to stop Miro from slamming into the exposed turnbuckle. With the ref’s vision obscured, Miro low blowed Kingston and then decked him with a high kick for the win.

Rating: 3.75 stars.

Preshow Results

AEW All Out’s preshow saw The Best Friends team up with Jurassic Express to take on Hardy Family Office and The Hybrid 2. The good guys won when Jungle Boy made Angelico tap out to the Snare Trap.

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