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Apple Watch Series 7: how to preorder

The new Apple Watch Series 7 was announced alongside the iPhone 13, iPad, and iPad Mini, but it’s the final device of Apple’s new fall products to launch. This newer model sits atop Apple’s current lineup of smartwatches, which still includes the SE and Series 3 rounding out the line. Featuring a slightly revamped design and larger display, the Series 7 comes in either a 41mm (up from 40mm) configuration starting at $399 or a 45mm (up from 44mm) configuration — each with optional cellular radios if you want to pay for service with your carrier.

After Apple’s initial announcement billed them for release “later this fall,” we now know the new models are set to release on October 15th, and you can preorder them now through Apple and Best Buy.

Note: We will update this post as more retailers open up preorder listings.

What’s New

The Apple Watch Series 7 prominently features that new, larger display that stretches the screen closer to the edges for a more full-bleed aesthetic and showing more actionable information at once. It has a slight curve at its farthest edges, though Apple says the watch is overall more durable thanks to a 50 percent thicker glass cover and IP6X rating for better dirt and sand resistance.

New watch faces exclusive to the Series 7 promise to put that extra screen real estate to work, while the watch maintains a physical footprint that is close to its predecessor. Apple has also improved charging speeds, including a new USB-C wireless magnetic fast charger with the watch that it claims will offer up to a 33 percent quicker charge.

On the software side, the Apple Watch Series 7 runs watchOS 8, supports a full swiping keyboard for text input, is compatible with new workouts, and maintains all the health-tracking features found on prior iterations: sleep tracking, heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, and fall detection that now registers during workouts. There is plenty to take advantage of if you’re in the market for a new Apple Watch and prefer to have Apple’s latest and greatest iteration.

The aluminum-encased Series 7 watches come in midnight, starlight, an updated blue, (PRODUCT) RED, and a new dark green colorway, so there is a bit to choose from whether you’re going for a discreet, bold, or rugged look. Let’s break down all that there is to offer here before we dive further into specific configurations.

Apple Watch Series 7 lineup

Model Configuration Color Price Preorder
Model Configuration Color Price Preorder
Apple Watch Series 7 (aluminum) 41mm, GPS midnight, starlight, blue, red, green $399 Apple Best Buy
Apple Watch Series 7 (aluminum) 41mm, cellular midnight, starlight, blue, red, green $499 Apple Best Buy
Apple Watch Series 7 (aluminum) 45mm, GPS midnight, starlight, blue, red, green $429 Apple Best Buy
Apple Watch Series 7 (aluminum) 45mm, cellular midnight, starlight, blue, red, green $529 Apple Best Buy

Apple Watch Series 7 in midnight, starlight, green, blue, and PRODUCT (RED).
Image: Apple

How to preorder the Apple Watch Series 7

You can preorder your preferred configuration directly from Apple right now, with orders shipping on October 15th. The main options for you to decide on, aside from your preferred color, are size and connectivity. The base Apple Watch Series 7 configuration is a 41mm, GPS-only model that retails for $399. The 41mm version with a cellular connection runs $100 more at $499. If you have a larger wrist or prefer bigger screens, the 45mm GPS-only model is $429, while its cellular-equipped counterpart climbs up to $529.

Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm, GPS)

The new base model Apple Watch Series 7 steps up to 41mm in size, featuring a larger display in a familiar design and footprint. The Series 7 generation introduces faster charging, an IP6X dust rating for improved durability, and an updated selection of colors.

How to preorder the Apple Watch Series 7 from phone carriers

Most major phone carriers in the USA offer the cellular Apple Watch Series 7 for preorder, which can help if you prefer to purchase the smartwatch on a monthly installment plan that you might already have for your phone. For the cellular models, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile all offer the Series 7 in each of its sizes and colors at the same starting price as Apple.

Apple has confirmed that when you buy a cellular-equipped Apple Watch Series 7 through its own store and activate it on Verizon or Sprint / T-Mobile, you will get $100 back.

Apple Watch Edition with Hermès strap.
Image: Apple

More premium case options and custom configurator

Apple has also offered the latest top-end watch in additional case materials for years. This generation is no different, with the Series 7 available in stainless steel starting at $699 and titanium starting at $799, as well as band options from luxury fashion boutique Hermès. The easiest way to preorder these is directly from Apple, as it carries the most options and not all retailers sell the more luxurious watches — though Best Buy does have some stainless steel models available for preorder. Most people opt for aluminum, which offers the same functionality at a lower price, but the premium models have a unique fit and finish.

The Apple Watch Studio, Apple’s own online boutique for creating exact custom Apple Watch configurations, makes a return for the Series 7. If you prefer an Apple Watch in a particular combination of size, finish, color, and band, you can make your selection and pay the configured price directly from Apple. This is the only way to order one of the popular solo loop straps with your Apple Watch, as those fixed-length straps are only sold through Apple.

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