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Bad news for Galaxy Note 9 owners on the update front


  • The three-year-old Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will no longer get monthly security updates.
  • Instead, owners of the phone will have to wait three months to get cumulative security updates.
  • Samsung will be slowly phasing out support for the Note 9.

The change in updates is not exactly a surprise. The Galaxy Note 9 has been available since September 2018, so having 36 months of regular monthly security updates is actually better than normal. It’s likely that the Galaxy Note 9 updates will continue at their quarterly rate for at least the next year.

Galaxy Note 9 owners looking to upgrade should perhaps consider the recently launched Galaxy Z Fold 3. With Samsung deciding not to launch a new member of the Note family in 2021, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, with its large folding screen and its support for the Note’s S Pen, is a worthy, if expensive, alternative. If you’re looking for other great options from Samsung,t ake a look at our guide to the best Samsung phones.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 laying down screen on

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The first foldable with an IP rating for water resistance.

Samsung’s latest foldable flagship looks a lot like the 2020 model but boasts some new design elements and some better specs. It also has an IPX8 rating and supports the use of an S Pen, all at a lower entry price than previous years.

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