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Facebook’s next VR headset, Cambria, coming next year


Facebook’s new VR headset will have face tracking.


Facebook has a new VR headset in the works. At the company’s developer-focused Connect conference, amid broad news of the company’s plans for a cross-device metaverse and next-generation smart glasses, Mark Zuckerberg announced an expected upgrade to the Oculus Quest 2. Project Cambria will improve mixed reality, have face tracking, and have more compact optics.

Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged the existence of a “Quest Pro” in a conversation with CNET earlier this year, where he discussed a future headset with additional sensors: “If you were focused on building a higher-end device that could really max out further on some of those other use cases, in addition to doing the gaming pieces, there are some interesting questions about how you design.”

The new headset isn’t seen as a replacement for the company’s year-old Oculus Quest 2. Instead, it’ll likely be a higher-priced experiment aimed at pushing new sensor tech for VR and mixed reality.

The news comes during a week where Facebook has already faced allegations that it puts profits over the safety of its users, along with a cache of internal documents that pin blame on Facebook for perpetuating hate speech, misinformation, human trafficking and other harmful content.

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