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How to Get a Free Custom Email using cPanel

Are you looking for a free custom email address instead of using a generic Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Hotmail email address?

Why should you have a custom email address?

Customers and other business owners are reluctant to trust emails that are coming from a generic email account. Using a custom email address for communication adds extra value and credibility to your business.

Difference between generic vs custom email address

Generic Email

An email made using services such as Google, Yahoo and Outlook. (Examples: johndoe@gmail.com, johndoe@yahoo.com, johndoe@outlook.com)

Custom Email

An email made using a specific or a custom domain name that is by us or our business (hello@techstreelabs.com, contact@tourstreak.com, support@techstreetlabs.com)

This simple guide will show you the best way to generate a free email using the available functionalities in Cpanel.

Step 1: Log in to your cPanel account, which works with your hosting service.

Step 2: Find and select the Email Accounts tab.

Step 3: Click on Create button as shown below.

This screen displays the currently available email addresses too.

Step 4: Complete the details as shown below.

1. Select the Domain (Example: techstreetlabs.com)

2. Enter the required username (Examples: contact, support, admin)

It will be displayed as:

  • contact – contact@techstreetlabs.com
  • support – support@techstreetlabs.com
  • admin – admin@techstreetlabs.com

3. Enter or generate a password

Note: Make sure you write it down somewhere or remember it for later usage.

4. Once you complete all 3, click the Create button to finish creating the email address.


Step 5: After a successful email creation, the newly generated email will be displayed in the Email Accounts list as follows.

Step 6: Use the Check Email button to check the emails and Manage button to change the settings related to the email address.

Step 7: Once you click the Check Email button, it will be navigated to the following screen. Use Open button to check the emails.

Note: Tick the Open my inbox when I log in before clicking the Open button so it helps to get directly to your email inbox.

You can use this method to generate up to 30 free emails from your domain.

Click here to see, How to get these emails directed, automatically to my generic email address. (Your personal email – Example: pramuk@gmail.com)

Pramuk Dinuka Hewawasam
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