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Google Cloud Computing – GCP

Google Cloud Platform Let’s move toward past in order to understand what is google cloud platform. For example, in past you’ve developed a social networking website and you set up a server for it’s user with the passage of time the server start flooding with a lot of traffic flow. As your company’s user base grows you’ve to buy & install more server this is called scaling. As the flow of traffic increases your company opens up a data center. Sounds like a lot of work, right? This issue was solved by Google. They developed a platform where you can store your user data and server at one place without having any physical data center.

Google allows you to code & store data on their own server. In short you out source your data centers to google.

Additional Services:

In addition to storage facility google provides a platform where all the modern technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data science etc. are integrated together. Just one Click away.

Categories of Google Cloud Platform

Google provide integration of technologies in three categories. List of them are given below.

  1. Compute
  2. Storage & Databases
  3. Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Compute

These products help you deploy code to the cloud. For example, we use app engine to deploy a social networking website.

  • Storage & Database

These products help us to store, retrieve and manage data in cloud. For example. We may make a help center so User information and reports will be store in Firebase Fire store.

  • Machine Learning & AI

These products allow us to leverage google AI technologies for our own applications. We can build and deploy our ML models to AI platforms or take advantage of one the easy to use machine learning APIS with Computer Vision and Natural Language processing

Google Cloud lets developers build, host applications and websites, store data and analyze data all on Google’s scalable and reliable computing infrastructure. Get more Latest Trending Articles on TechStreetLabs

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