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Google Photos Can Mail Prints to Your Home

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Google Photos is a great place to store all of your pictures, but it’s useful for more than that. It’s also an easy way to print your photos. Google has announced that its printing capability is getting better, as the company is adding the ability to have prints shipped right to your home and in more sizes.

One place Google Photos stands above other photo-sharing apps is how quickly you can use it to get prints of your photos. Now, Google has announced that there’s an even easier way. Instead of going to a local store to pick up shots, you can have them shipped directly to your home.

Google says this option is rolling out to users now, however, I couldn’t print photos for shipping from my account at this time, so you may have to wait a little while before you’re able to do it.

As part of its home shipping update, Google is also offering more sizes. Now, you can print photos in 11×14, 12×18, 16×20, and 20×30 inch sizes. This goes along with the existing 4×6, 5×7, or 8×10 inch prints the company already offered.

You’ll also get the option for more sizes of canvas prints. Instead of the more limited options, Google is adding 8×10, 16×16, 20×30, 24×36, 30×40, and 36×36 inch choices.

If you’re the type of person who loves seeing your photography masterpieces on paper, this update from Google Photos is a welcomed change. More size options and the ability to get your prints without leaving the house is a positive change.

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