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Google reportedly has a second foldable in the works

Google appears to be internally testing a second foldable Pixel smartphone, according to 9to5Google’s sources. The device is said to be under development with the codename “Jumbojack,” that’s referenced in a future version of Android 12 which 9to5Google identifies as “Android 12.1.” This is the latest foldable codename we’ve heard about at Google, following reports of another device called “Passport.”

Not much is known about what form Jumbojack could take, but 9to5Google has a couple of key details. It seems to have two screens, with one that deactivates when the device is folded. That suggests we’re looking at a similar design to Samsung’s foldables, which combine a small external screen with a larger internal folding display. There’s no word on screen sizes or internal specs, however.

Interestingly, there’s speculation that the Jumbojack codename could be a reference to Jack in the Box’s Jumbo Jack cheeseburger, an implication that the phone will fold “hamburger style” like a Z Flip as opposed to “hotdog style” like a Z Fold. But, much like the foodstuffs, that speculation is best taken with a good pinch of salt.

Unlike Passport, which as late as June was reportedly still on track for a release in late 2021, there’s no indication about when or even if Jumbojack will see a commercial release. There’s a possibility it might just be an internal prototype, designed to help build foldable functionality like improved multitasking into Android itself. Regardless, its existence suggests Google is more serious about foldables that it initially appeared as the company gears up to produce its first true flagship competitor with the Pixel 6.

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