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Google TV Gets Personalized User Profiles and a Revamped Screensaver

Google TV accounts.

Google’s reimagined TV interface continues to get new features. The latest batch of goodies includes personalized home screens for user profiles, more information on the ambient screen, and more support for the Live TV tab.

Personalized User Profiles

Google TV profiles.

Google TV has had the ability to sign in to multiple Google accounts since the beginning, but that was all you could do. The home screen experience was the same for all users. The addition of kids profiles changed that, and now the same is happening for adults.

Now each user account gets its own personalized home screen. That means recommendations tailored to you, your own watchlist, and Google Assistant just for you. Apps are still used across profiles, so you won’t need to sign in to everything again when you create a new user profile.

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More Info in Ambient Mode

Ambient Mode cards.

Google TV’s “Ambient Mode”—a.k.a. screensaver—is great for displaying photos from your Google Photos library. It also displays the time and weather, but Google is adding even more information to the screen.

Things like sports scores, news headlines, more weather info, and even shortcuts to music and podcasts will be accessible from Ambient Mode. If you’re not interested in any of this, the regular Ambient Mode will kick in after a few minutes.

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More Live TV Support

Previously, the “Live” tab on the Google TV homepage would only appear if you linked up with a Sling TV or YouTube TV account. Google is now adding Philo TV to the fold. You’ll be able to browse Philo from the “Live” tab and see Live TV recommendations from Philo on the “For You” tab.

Personalized user profiles and Ambient Mode information cards will begin rolling out first on the Chromecast with Google TV and Google TVs from Sony and TCL. The Ambient Modes cards will be first available in the U.S. only. Learn more on Google’s blog.

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