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How to Block or Unblock People on Discord

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Discord is great for chats, but some users send too many irrelevant messages. While you can’t silence such people without mod powers, you can block them. We’ll show you how to block and unblock people on Discord.

The good part is that Discord doesn’t notify the user when you block them. Similar to blocking people on Facebook, you won’t see their messages anymore on your mutual servers. However, they can still view your messages and interact, though Discord won’t let them send you direct messages. If the user is on your friends list, Discord will remove them from there.

Here’s how you can block people and self-curate your experience on Discord servers.

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How to Block People on Discord

To get started, open the Discord app (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, iPadOS, and Linux). Then, select the Discord server the person is located.

Select the server from the left-side colume in the Discord app.

Find the person you want to block from any text channel, and, if you’re on a PC, right-click on the profile photo or username.

Right-click on the person's profile photo or username you want to block.

If you’re using the mobile app, tap and hold their profile photo instead, then tap the three-dot button in the pop-up menu that appears.

From the menu that opens, select “Block.”

Select "Block" from the context menu after clicking on user profile.

If a confirmation prompt appears, select the “Block” button.

Select "Block" button to confirm blocking.

That’s it! You will no longer see any messages from that person. Instead, Discord shows you “X blocked message” (x being the number).

Discord shows notification for "Blocked Messages" in a channel.

How to Unblock People on Discord

If you’re using the mobile app, simply follow the instructions to block them again, but this time you’ll find an option to unblock them instead. Tap it.

On the desktop or web app, you can visit unblock people easily from your Discord friends list since it has a dedicated section for Blocked users.

Open the Discord app and click the Home button (Discord’s logo) in the window’s top-left corner.

Click "Home" in the top-left corner of Discord app.

Select the “Friends” option at the top of the column that opens.

Select "Friends" from the column in the left.

Select the “Blocked” on the right-hand side pane.

Click "Blocked" tab at the top of the Discord window.

Right-click on the person you want to unblock and select “Unblock” from the menu that opens.

Right-click on the username and select "Unblock."

To reconnect with them, you’ll need to add them as a friend again.

That’s all there is to keep irritating messages out of your Discord experience.

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