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How to Import Questions into Google Forms

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Looking for a way to speed up form creation in Google Forms? You can import questions from other forms you’ve created to save time. This is a great way to reuse questions and make a form in minutes.

You can easily make a copy of a form you’ve created in Google Forms and then edit it to fit. But you may have only one or two questions that you want to reuse. By importing questions, you can take only the questions you want from various other forms and pop them right in.

Import Questions into Google Forms

Visit Google Forms, sign in, and open the form you want to pull questions into.

Select the question where you want to insert an imported question below. Then, click the Import Questions icon in the toolbar to the right.

Click Import Questions in the toolbar

You can also have the questions you’re importing appear at the top of your form rather than below a specific question. To do this, don’t select an existing question first. Simply use the toolbar to import the questions and they’ll appear at the top. Then, rearrange them later.

Locate the form containing the questions you want to use. You can use the Search box at the top or the Sort button on the right to quickly find the form you need if you have many.

Locate the form

Choose the form and click “Select.”

Select the form

The questions from the form you select will display in the sidebar on the right. If you realize you have the wrong form, click “Change Form” and find the correct one.

Change forms

You can then pick Select All to use all questions or just check the boxes for the questions you want. When you finish, click “Import Questions.”

Select questions to import

If you want to reuse additional questions from other forms, you can do this as well. Just follow the same steps to locate and select the form and choose the questions. This will give you a form that’s ready to use in no time!

Once you import questions, they remain in your form like any question you add. So you can edit, arrange, and tailor the question to the new form.

And remember, you can spruce up your form with themes, images, and fonts in Google Forms.

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