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How to Get Microsoft Office for Free – 2021 | 100% Legit Method

In this quick tutorial, I will guide you on how to download and activate Microsoft Office 365 without using any cracking software. This method is 100% legal or legit and working perfectly. Please go through all the steps to for zero errors.

Before starting it is required to have a Licensed Microsoft 365 account.
But do not worry since 1 License Microsoft 365 account can be used to license Microsoft Office on 5 devices, you can either ask the support from one of your closed once if they have this.

Lets get started!

Step 1: Visit Microsoft Office Website

Visit Official Microsoft Office website my clicking here.

Step 2: Log into the account by providing credentials

Here you are required to use the Licensed Microsoft 365 email as your email and the relevant password to login the account.

Step 3: Download Office 365

You can download office 365 by clicking the Install Office button as shown here

Step 4: Install Office 365 by clicking the installation file

Note: It will use nearly 5 Gigabytes (5GB) to download and install office 365.

Step 5: Licensing

After completing the installation in order to license our products, open any of the office products installed.
Example: Microsoft Word.

Click Accept and Start Word

Click the Sign in button and login to the office account using the email address which used to login the office account in Step 2

Final Step: Done & Ready to Use!

If you will complete all the steps correctly, your Microsoft office package will get licensed and will be ready to use.

For a better guide, Watch our Video Tutorial and support us by subscribing to our channel.
Pramuk Dinuka Hewawasam
Pramuk Dinuka Hewawasamhttps://techstreetlabs.com
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