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Poll: Do you still use a screen protector on your phone?

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Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

Today’s phones are pretty tough, but one concern that hasn’t ever truly gone away is potentially damaging your screen. This is still the case despite today’s phone screens offering some impressive scratch and shatter resistance.

One popular way to protect the display is to use a screen protector, but is this something you still use on your phone though? Let us know by taking the poll below.

A screen protector can indeed protect against scratches that accumulate over time and absorb some damage in the event of a fall. So it doesn’t hurt to apply one to your phone anyway, especially when combined with a case.

Then again, today’s higher-end smartphones all generally tout the more recent Gorilla Glass versions, such as Gorilla Glass 6 and Gorilla Glass Victus. And these protective glass solutions can survive multiple drops from 1.6 to two meters, while also offering great scratch resistance. So a screen protector isn’t as much of a necessity as it was several years ago.

Let us know whether you’re still using screen protectors by taking our poll above, and leave a comment if you have more on your mind.

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