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Samsung may have killed the Galaxy S22 FE due to the S22 Ultra

Two sources claimed last month that Samsung had canceled the Galaxy S22 FE, and it now looks like a Korean outlet has reiterated this claim while providing a reason for the apparent cancellation.

The Elec reports that Samsung has abandoned the Galaxy S22 FE as the company wanted to increase production of the Galaxy S22 Ultra instead. The outlet claims that chips meant for the Galaxy S22 FE were reallocated to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It’s believed that the Korean brand originally planned to produce three million Galaxy S22 FE units:

However, as the chip shortage continued and sales of the S22 Ultra model among the Galaxy S22 series launched in the first half of the year were relatively strong, Samsung Electronics is said to have canceled the S22 FE release plan.

The tactic makes some sense from a financial point-of-view, as Samsung is likely making far more money on each Galaxy S22 Ultra sold compared to the S22 FE (which would’ve presumably been sold for $800 or less). Nevertheless, it does mean that those wanting a successor to the S21 FE will be disappointed this year. It’s also worth noting that the original Galaxy S20 FE reportedly sold over 10 million units.

This isn’t the end of the Galaxy FE series though, as The Elec reports that Samsung plans to ship three million Galaxy S23 FE units next year. By comparison, the Korean brand is tipped to ship 8.5 million Galaxy S23 units, 6.5 million S23 Plus models, and 13 million Galaxy S23 Ultra units.

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