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What Does “Yeet” Imply, and How Do You Use It?

A man screaming "Yeet" while throwing an axe
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Yeet is among the web’s latest and least understood phrases. It’s used in all places, seemingly with none type of context. However phrases should imply one thing, and yeet does have just a few exact meanings.

Yeet Has Two Distinct Definitions

At face worth, yeet appears like a nonsense web phrase that’s used with none concrete definition or context. It’s pasted on memes for seemingly no cause, and that one good friend who spends an excessive amount of time on Reddit can’t appear to cease nonsensically ad-libbing it.

For many makes use of of yeet, what you see is what you get. It’s just a few phrase that sounds humorous and expressive. It’s often used instead of affirmative phrases like “boo-yeah,” nevertheless it’s generally used instead of common verbs to convey humor out of on a regular basis actions (like dancing, operating, or tumbling down a hill).

However yeet isn’t truly a nonsense phrase, that’s simply how most individuals use it. Yeet has a concrete definition: to forcefully throw an object with the boldness and authority of a god. You’ll be able to see this definition at work in some memes and movies, and you may even use it in your on a regular basis life.

While you’re performed consuming breakfast, you’ll be able to yeet the eggy mess throughout the kitchen and into the trash. While you’re hungry as a horse, you’ll be able to yeet your physique into an Arby’s like a ragdoll. Whereas performing these actions, you need to yell “YEET,” as a result of that’s what all people in-the-know does.

So yeet is a phrase which means “to throw,” and it may be used as an exclamation whereas throwing one thing. It’s additionally used as a nonsense phrase, often so as to add humor to an motion or verbal response. However the place did yeet come from, and why does it have two separate definitions?

Yeet Lore and Etymology

It’s laborious to pinpoint precisely when yeet turned a phrase, however its that means and utilization appears to stem from 2000’s hip-hop.

In an City Dictionary entry from 2008, a person named Bubba Johnson defines yeet as an exclamation used when throwing an object within the air, particularly “in basketball when somebody has shot a three-pointer that they’re positive will go within the hoop.”

In fact, folks hardly ever use yeet as an precise phrase; it’s often used as a nonsensical exclamation. This nonsensical utilization is reminiscent of rap ad-libs, like 50 Cent’s “G-G-G-G-UNIT” or Lil John’s “YEEAAAH.”

Whereas it’s attainable that these humorous rap ad-libs influenced the nonsensical that means of yeet, it’s additionally possible that the phrase delved into nonsense by itself. In any case, it was popularized by memes like Lil Meatball’s yeet dance in 2014, the place it’s used as a generic exclamation with none discernible type or context.

When Do You Say Yeet?

A man stares at his laptop in agony. Is now the right time to say yeet?

Once more, yeet is generally used as a humorous nonsense phrase. You’ll be able to technically use it everytime you need to chuckle, though you need to in all probability keep away from utilizing it in skilled conditions. The truth is, you need to in all probability keep away from utilizing it in any state of affairs the place you is perhaps ridiculed for shouting out a meme. (When you’re studying this text in public, it’s too late. Everyone is aware of that you simply’re tremendous obsessive about memes now).

However some yeet-enthusiasts frown on the nonsensical use of yeet. If you wish to respect the phrase’s concrete definition, you need to exclaim “YEET!” as you throw or push an object, or once you forcefully run into an impediment. Understand that its effectiveness rests on self-confidence. When you aren’t assured in your throwing talents, you need to use yeet sparingly.

As for yeet’s use in on a regular basis dialog, use it as you’d use every other verb. It isn’t strictly an exclamation; it’s simply enjoyable to yell “YEET” whereas one thing’s flying throughout the room.

The Yeet conjugation chart.
Conjugations Courtesy of Urban Dictionary

You’ll be able to take issues a step additional by learning yeet’s verb tenses. We’ve included a useful Yeet Conjugation Chart on this article on your comfort. Be happy to share this chart as an academic useful resource, however needless to say yeet isn’t acknowledged as a phrase by Webster’s Dictionary but. Its definition might change over time, and educators might frown on the phrase the identical method that they spent a century frowning down on “ain’t” or “y’all.”

In different phrases, don’t put yeet in your subsequent essay and don’t say it to your boss. In any other case, they may yeet you proper out of there.

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