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You told us: You love the Google Pixel 6 series

Google Pixel 6 in box retail contents

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In no uncertain terms, you all are crazy in love with the Pixel 6 series. It’s not often that we see results so overwhelmingly pushed in one direction, but that’s what we saw here.

Check out the data breakdown below and then head a little further for some of your comments.

Google Pixel 6 series: Hot or not?

In total, we saw over 4,500 votes in this poll. Of those, over 3,900 voters think the Google Pixel 6 line is terrific. That’s an overwhelming number.

Usually, in polls like this, the results just aren’t as drastic. However, this data truly suggests Google has a serious winner on its hands with the Pixel 6 series.

Some of your comments

The chart above gives you an easy-to-digest view of how our readers feel about the Google Pixel 6 series. However, a more nuanced view requires reading what our readers have to say. Here’s a selection of your comments!

  • Nick V: I wonder about all the people on these sites said that they would never buy one due to the size, actually went and bought one.
  • Viraj Mhatre: Sadly it’s not available in India 😩
  • Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin: I love the fact that they only differ in screen size alongside battery capacity and telephoto alongside front wide camera sensor. Everything else remains the same, including the rear main and ultrawide camera. So really, either you buy the vanilla variant because of battery life or the Pro variant because of the telephoto camera and 120Hz screen.
  • Ross MacRae: Worst day 1 release in a long time. Tried for 3 hours to order on Google store, but was crashed the entire time after putting the phone in my cart..
  • CoreyI like it a lot but I wish Google would release their phones earlier in the year. By the time October hits most people have already committed to something different

Do you have any last-minute comments to make about the Google Pixel 6 series? Did you pre-order one? Let us know in the comments!

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