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Darkish And Darker: Full Cleric Information


The Cleric is in some ways, probably the most versatile class in Dark and Darker, particularly when beginning out. You’ll have quantity of harm, first rate therapeutic, and better protection in comparison with different caster lessons. That being stated, you will have to know learn how to play the category to get probably the most out of it.

We shall be one of the simplest ways to play as a Cleric in Darkish and Darker. Alongside that, we may even take a look at what Perks, Abilities, Spells, weapons, and stats it’s best to go for as a Cleric.

Full Cleric Information

The Cleric class is ideal for gamers who like enjoying as spell casters. Equally, the Wizard class can be nice for gamers who love utilizing spells. Be sure to try our Wizard guide to be taught extra about that class.

Apart from being very highly effective, the Cleric class can be extraordinarily versatile. There are many alternative ways through which this class may be performed, with most of them being extraordinarily viable. After all relying on the way you play the category, the Perks, Abilities, Spells, weapons, and stats you prioritize may even change.

The best way you construct and play as a Cleric may even depend upon whether or not you might be enjoying solo, enjoying as a squad, or enjoying duos..


The Perks available to Cleric

Cleric has entry to the next Perks:

  • Blunt Weapon Mastery
  • Brewmaster
  • Superior Healer
  • Perseverance
  • Kindness
  • Requiem
  • Safety From Evil
  • Undead Slaying

In your Perks, it’s all the time greatest to prioritize protection over offense. Perks like Perseverance and Superior Healer are nice when enjoying solo or with a squad. Perseverance will buff your general protection, and Superior Therapeutic will make your therapeutic stronger. In the event you desire harm over protection, Perks like Blunt Weapon Mastery and Brewmaster will drastically enhance the bodily harm you deal.

When beginning out, you should have entry to only one Perk. Any Perk that immediately buffs your protection or offense and doesn’t require any synergy is an efficient choice right here.


Skills available to Cleric

The Abilities out there to the Cleric are:

  • Judgment
  • Smite
  • Spell Reminiscence
  • Holy Purification

In your Abilities, the most suitable choice will virtually all the time be Judgement. Judgment will inflict a really sturdy debuff on enemies that offers 25 magic harm to them and slows their motion velocity by 30% for two seconds. This shall be good when enjoying solo or enjoying with a squad, because the impact is all the time going to be helpful.

You may go along with Spell Reminiscence or Smite to your second talent. The most suitable choice will depend upon whether or not you might be enjoying solo or with a squad. For solo play, Smite is the higher choice as Smite will assist you deal additional harm to enemies. Spell Reminiscence is healthier for squads as you achieve entry to a bunch of supportive spells as a result of Ability.


You can choose which spells to take with you into a dungen.

Cleric has entry to the next Spells:

  • Bless
  • Lesser Heal
  • Safety
  • Divine Strike
  • Cleanse
  • Bind
  • Holy Mild
  • Sanctuary
  • Resurrection

All of the Spells out there to Cleric have their very own price and the variety of occasions you should use them in a single run. For now, low-cost spells like Lesser Heal, Bless, and Divine Strike are one of the best choices to go for.

Larger-cost spells like Sanctuary and Resurrection are one of the best Spells when it comes to energy degree, however they price quite a bit and may solely be forged a few times. Each of those Spells are fairly enjoyable and may show extraordinarily helpful in sure state of affairs.

Resurrection for instance can solely be forged as soon as every run, however that after forged may be the distinction between success and failure as Resurrect offers you the flexibility to revive an ally. The Requiem Perk enables you to make the Resurrection Spell even stronger.

Weapons and Stat Precedence

The Spellbook weapon in action

You have got loads of choices in relation to selecting weapons as a Cleric. The Cleric class can run each melee and caster weapons, and your weapon alternative will depend upon how you plan to play with the category. A extra bodily harm oriented construct will go for a melee weapon like a mace and a supportive/caster construct will desire a caster weapon just like the Spellbook.

In your stats, you’ll virtually all the time prioritize +All Attributes. +All Attributes is at the moment one of the best stat enhance you will get from gear because it buffs all attributes. Most lessons within the sport will profit from the general buff +All Attributes offers.

After +All Attributes, stats like Magical Therapeutic, Information, Will, or something that buffs spellcasting can be good.

Gameplay Suggestions

Overall character customization for the Cleric

The best way you play as a Cleric will depend upon whether or not you might be enjoying solo or with a squad.

When enjoying solo, you will have to have additional harm in your construct as you want to have the ability to kill enemies. Melee weapons are choice for solo play, and the best way you play shall be much like the way you play lessons just like the Fighter or Barbarian. All the time make the most of your Abilities and Perks to present your self a bonus throughout fight. The Judgment Ability for instance will debuff your enemies and make it simpler so that you can take them down.

If you’re enjoying with a squad, it would be best to play the Cleric extra as a help class. The category has entry to some nice supporting Spells that may assist make your squad stronger. Most of those spells shall be a lot stronger when enjoying with targets that may profit out of your therapeutic. When enjoying as a Cleric, it would be best to have a beefy frontline that may tank harm and make use of your heals.

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