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Wuthering Waves: Final Teambuilding Information


Like a number of motion RPGs on the market, Wuthering Waves is totally constructed round its fast-paced and fascinating gameplay. The sport performs very easily and permits for lots of talent expression and creativity. One of many elements that totally showcases that is the teambuilding in Wuthering Waves.

Teambuilding is an integral a part of Wuthering Waves’ fight and general gameplay. It may be a bit tough to get used to and perceive although, particularly for gamers new to Wuthering Waves or the style itself. Our final teambuilding information will have a look at all of the necessities that you’ll want to know regarding teambuilding. By mastering teambuilding you may maximize your harm and tackle any foe.

Final Teambuilding Information

Trying on the fundamentals, Wuthering Waves requires you to have a crew of three totally different characters that you’ll take into the sport. You possibly can change between all 3 of them throughout fight and all characters on this recreation present one thing distinctive. So, how do you make a great crew in Wuthering Waves?

An example team consisting of Yangyang, Mortefi, and Jiyan.

When making a crew in Wuthering Waves, the two foremost issues you might want to have a look at are synergies between characters and the general crew composition. Each of those will assist maximize your groups harm and totally make the most of the characters.

Alongside teambuilding, understanding different elements of the sport just like the weapons system can be essential. Be sure you try our weapon investment and weapon leveling guide.


The synergy between characters is essential to contemplate for teambuilding in Wuthering Waves. It’ll show you how to get the most effective out of your characters and make them really feel a lot stronger. Synergy is particularly essential when you find yourself simply beginning out and have a restricted quantity of characters. It could show you how to determine which characters to unlock to finish your crew.

Say for instance that your favourite character within the recreation is Jiyan. Being a major DPS, Jiyan depends so much on his final being as much as maximize his harm potential. So a personality that may assist Jiyan construct up power will synergize fairly properly with him. You may get fairly inventive with this and check out some enjoyable and attention-grabbing crew compositions.

Staff Composition

Alongside having synergies between your teammates, additionally, you will must be sure you have a correct crew composition. An excellent crew composition in Wuthering Waves will rely so much on having good harm but additionally good assist instruments to go together with that harm.

An ordinary crew comp in Wuthering Waves will encompass a foremost DPS, secondary DPS, and assist.

Important DPS

Your foremost DPS character might be accountable for most of your crew’s harm. Their sole objective is to deal a ton of injury and decimate enemies. Characters like Jiyan and Rover are good for this as their kits permit them to dish out a number of harm in a brief period of time.

Secondary DPS

Having a secondary DPS character can be crucial, as they will present your crew with precious harm however alongside that additionally present some utility. Somebody like Mortefi or Sanhua can match this position properly as they’ve first rate harm and good utility. Mortefi for instance can buff your foremost DPS and assist them deal far more harm.


To spherical out your crew you have to a assist character. Helps are sometimes missed by individuals when constructing a crew, however their significance can’t be understated. Whereas they don’t have a number of harm, they will present your crew with precious utility like heals and harm buffs. Verina is the most effective assist within the recreation proper now, and that is primarily as a result of harm buff she offers. It’s a important buff that lasts for an excellent period of time.

Instance Staff

An example team in Wuthering Waves consisting of Calcharo, Jianxin and Baizhi.

Above we now have an instance crew in Wuthering Waves. Calcharo is our foremost DPS, Jianxin our secondary DPS, and Baizhi our assist.

This can be a fairly normal crew as every character fills a selected position and offers one thing precious to our crew. You’ll usually need to open fights with Baizhi right here, then go to Jianxin and finish with Calcharo. This can can help you make the most of your buffing skills and arrange Calcharo to deal a great deal of harm.

The most effective issues is how inventive Wuthering Waves permits gamers to be. You possibly can choose to comply with an ordinary crew composition or go for one thing distinctive that isn’t meta. Check out totally different crew compositions to seek out out what works finest for you.

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