Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Counter-Strike 2 provides a lefty mode


After 23 years of Terrorist vs. Counter-Terrorist battles over bombs, hostages, and the like, Counter-Strike 2 builders have lastly perfected a chunk of know-how that had eluded them: Handedness. That is proper. The place as soon as the left hand simply sort of hovered impotently round at occasions, or was used to reload, or help a weapon, or maybe in a pinch maintain the opposite of your pair of pistols, the left hand can now take middle stage because the one pulling the set off.

As of a recent patch now you can swap between left and proper palms in Counter-Strike 2. You’ll be able to set a most well-liked handedness, as nicely, in order that your little villain/hero/antihero will at all times have their gun in the fitting spot at match’s begin. It is even networked, in order that anybody spectating you possibly can see precisely the place your gun is.

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