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Tribes 3 Rivals: Roles Information and Find out how to Play Them


As a chaotic team-based FPS, Tribes 3: Rivals would require each participant to know the totally different roles and learn how to play them.

Taking part in a defensive position that stays on the base requires a really totally different playstyle than the flag-stealing Cappers, for instance!

To make issues a tad easier for you, we’ll go over the entire aggressive roles within the recreation and break down the fundamentals of enjoying them.

Find out how to Play Each Position | Roles Information

Tribes 3 Rivals: Roles Guide and How to Play Them

There are 5 roles you possibly can play in Tribe 3: Rivals, all of them outlined by the way you assist your group out. They’re Flag Protection, Chaser, Midfield, Clearer, and Capper.

Which position it’s a must to play in your group is one thing it’s a must to outline along with your teammates. In fact, should you’re enjoying casually with randos you need to simply swap based on the scenario.

Now, allow us to offer you an outline of all of the 5 roles and learn how to play them.

Flag Protection

Flag Defense (or Flag Defender) role

Within the position of Flag Protection, your objective is to remain in your group’s base defending the flag. The identify says all of it, in any case!

You’ll attempt to reduce how a lot you get out of the bottom, attempting to solely exit everytime you’re serving to an allied Capper or when chasing any enemies that run off with the flag.

Ideally, you need to keep on with both Medium or Heavy Armors on this position. You’ll want the additional defenses and firepower, however you haven’t any use for the Gentle Armor’s velocity.

As a Medium Armor, you need to attempt to disguise close to the flag and be careful for incoming enemies. As soon as you notice them, assault them earlier than they’ll make off with the flag.

Impact Nitron equipment

You must equip the Impression Nitron for its capability to power flag drops and the Protect Pack for additional defenses.

When you decide Heavy Armor as an alternative, you’ll ideally attempt to keep on high of the flag your self. You possibly can bodily block enemy Cappers from stealing the flag by simply standing there!

On your Heavy Armor loadout, be sure that to select the Stormslicer for its harm and the Mine for his or her space denial potential.

General, this can be a comparatively easy position but in addition probably the most necessary! Be a credit score to your group by by no means letting the enemies make off with the flag.


Chaser in Tribes 3

This position is all about returning your flag to your base. However, in contrast to the Flag Protection position, you gained’t concentrate on prevention! You’ll concentrate on response.

That implies that you’ll, because the identify implies, chase down enemy Cappers that make off along with your flag.

Since velocity is so necessary for this position, you’ll wish to keep on with both the Gentle or Medium Armors.

Gentle is quicker, however most gamers desire Medium for its higher survivability.

Regardless of which Armor you decide, be sure that to carry two issues in your loadout: Impression Nitron in your Belt, and the Chaser Perk.

Impression Nitron, as we talked about earlier than, can be utilized to power enemy Cappers to drop the flag. It will probably make getting the flag again rather a lot simpler!

Chaser perk

As for the Chaser Perk, it’ll offer you additional harm in opposition to any enemy carrying your flag.

Moreover, you’ll get additional Vitality and Vitality Regeneration. It additionally prevents self-damage as soon as, which suggests you get a free Disc Leap!

Disc Jumps are if you shoot an explosive disc weapon, just like the Spinfusor, towards the bottom and soar on the similar time. It’s just like good ol’ explosive leaping in different video games.

Aside from these two must-haves, you possibly can decide whichever weapons you need for both Armor loadout.

In the end, this position can be fairly easy, as you simply have to search out enemy Cappers as soon as they run away along with your flag. Rush them down earlier than they make it to their base!


Midfielder in Tribes 3

This is likely one of the odder roles proper now, as you’ll mainly act as a form of scout by staying someplace between each bases.

Attempt to spot enemies which can be approaching your base and let your group learn about them earlier than they’re too shut! Give your Flag Defenders and Chasers a while to organize in opposition to enemy assaults.

Other than simply calling out enemy positions, although, you must also be attempting to intercept and kill enemies earlier than they arrive near your base.

Your loadout right here is, frankly, going to be no matter you’re feeling most snug utilizing. That mentioned, you’ll want to remain on the transfer fairly typically, so Gentle and Medium Armors are advisable.

Survivalist perk

Survivalist Perk may additionally be one of the best Perk for this position, because it enhances the consequences of Well being Packs. It’s implausible for staying alive out in the midst of the map!

In abstract, your objective as a Midfielder is to name out enemy positions and intercept them earlier than they’ll attain your base. It’s a really open-ended position, so that you’ll be consistently switching between offense and protection!


Tribes 3 Rivals Role - Clearer

The Clearer is a vanguard for the Capper. Your sole objective on this position is to distract and kill enemy Flag Defenders and Chasers, in addition to any Midfielders that present as much as destroy your social gathering.

Kill as most of the enemies as attainable, or on the very least hold them distracted.

Additionally be sure that to shoot and take away any Mines you notice, and attempt to get Heavy Flag Defenders to cease tenting atop the flag.

Principally, you’re setting issues up to your Capper to come back in and swoop the flag with as little hassle as attainable!

Example of a base asset - Sonar

You’ll additionally have to deal with all base property, reminiscent of turrets and sensors. It’s completely important that you simply take as lots of them out as attainable earlier than your group’s Capper reaches the enemy base!

As a Clearer, you’ll be drawing numerous enemy hearth towards you, so you need to keep as Medium or Heavy Armors for his or her survivability.

Nonetheless, your loadout may be very open-ended. The one suggestion we do have is the Gladiator should you decide the Heavy Armor. It’s an absolute beast at wrecking enemy base property!

In the end, you simply need to do what your identify implies and clear the enemy base of hostiles earlier than your Capper is available in to steal the flag. Any enemy you possibly can’t kill, you need to a minimum of hold distracted.


Capper Role in Tribes 3

Final however not least, the position of Capper has one single objective in thoughts: steal the enemy flag and take it to your group’s base.

You’ll need to work in tandem along with your allies, significantly anybody within the position of Clearer, to make taking the flag simpler.

Because you’ll must be fast, you’ll wish to decide both the Gentle or Medium Armors to your loadout.

As all the time, Gentle has additional mobility however Medium has superior survivability. Choose whichever one suits you greatest!

Your tools loadout may be very open-ended on this position, aside from your Perk. Be certain that to select the Capper Perk everytime you’re on this position!

Capper Perk

It will increase the vary for flag and Well being drop pickups and likewise disables velocity limits whereas holding the flag.

A singular problem for Cappers is that you need to attempt to develop a route throughout each map since you want to maximize your velocity.

That is one thing you’re going to need to grasp with follow however simply attempt to have routes the place it’s straightforward so that you can velocity by way of and keep away from enemies.

Deliver the enemy flag again to your group as quick as attainable, and focus totally on motion! You must keep away from preventing enemies head-on if attainable, letting your teammates deal with them as an alternative.

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