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What is the Best AI-Powered Career Growth Tool for you?


What is Teal?

Teal HQ is an AI-powered personal career growth platform that provides multiple tools to accelerate your career growth. The platform focuses on helping you match with jobs that fit your skills and experience. Also, Teal helps to create 100% ATS-friendly resumes.

There’s a heavy focus on personalization. For example, Teal lets you add a job description, and it’ll tell you how closely your resume matches the role. It’ll also provide personalized suggestions to help you tailor your resume to the specific job.

Similarly, upload a job description and Teal can generate a personalized cover letter for the specific role or position. There’s also an ATS checker to help you pass applicant tracking systems (ATS) and in-platform guidance and suggestions to help you create strong resumes.

Teal also offers a “Job Tracker” to keep track of your job applications and job search progress. There’s even a “Company” feature that lets you monitor if certain companies are hiring. You can also store all your career information in Teal, and quickly specify which sections to show or omit, depending on the job you’re applying for.

Is Teal Right For You?

We highly recommend using Teal if you fit the following descriptions:

  • You want to create multiple versions of the same resume without starting from scratch
  • You prefer to tailor each resume to the job you’re applying for
  • You would like to store all your work experience information in one place
  • You would like to create personalized cover letters with AI
  • You hope to create ATS-friendly resumes

However, Teal might not be the best option if:

  • You are looking for a cheap AI resume builder
  • You want to quickly generate a resume from a template
  • You help clients with their resumes

Pros and Cons of Teal


Create multiple versions of your resumes

Teal HQ acts like a database for all your work experience information. This allows you to quickly create multiple versions of your resume by adding or omitting certain information or sections. And since all your information is stored in Teal, you don’t have to create resumes from scratch for each new application.

Personalized resumes and cover letters

Teal HQ provides multiple tools to help you create customized resumes and cover letters. The AI assistant helps you create professional summaries and bullet points. At the same time, the AI cover letter builder generates cover letters to match your job description.

ATS compatibility

Teal analyzes your resume for specific ATS requirements, including keyword usage, measurable results, and resume structure. It’ll also score your resume, and offer personalized suggestions for improving your score.

Built-in resume helper

Teal HQ provides in-platform suggestions for creating and optimizing each section of your resume. These suggestions are also specific and relevant.

Easy to Use

The platform has an intuitive interface and is user-friendly. There are also in-platform tutorials for the different features to help you get accustomed to using the tool.


Lacks a grammar checker

Although Teal generally generates error-free content, it doesn’t have a built-in grammar. You’ll need to use a tool like Grammarly to ensure everything is correct.

You can’t create additional resumes from a blank document

Once you add your information and create your first resume in Teal, you can’t create additional resumes from a blank document or template. This platform is designed to create multiple versions of the same resume. Not multiple unique resumes, e.g., one for a freelance copywriter and another for a data analyst.

Getting Started With Teal HQ

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